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Transportation Introduction

After a century's development, today's vehicles have transformed into hubs of information, entertainment and communication. Many vehicles can now perform certain functions autonomously due to unprecedented automotive innovations of high levels of connectivity and automation. Soon, we'll enter the era of intelligent driving. At the heart of these spectacular capabilities are colossal amounts of data from numerous sensors that monitor and perceive what is happening inside and outside the car. Self-driving cars, for example, generate about 4 TB of data daily in just an hour and a half of driving. Technologies such as advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and driver monitoring systems (DMS) encompass a wide range of solutions that enable vehicular intelligence for making instant decisions based on situational understanding to ensure driving comfort and safety by drastically reducing accidents resulting from human error.

Unique Challenges

While on the road, vehicles face numerous challenges. Unpredictable weather shifts, vibration, humidity and extreme temperatures are just a few. Storage media for the automotive market should perform consistently, without any drops in performance over time. As such, they need robust memory and storage solutions that can hurdle rigorous environmental, power and thermal challenges to ensure safer and more comfortable driving.

They should have the ability to perform in critical situations such as a sudden power loss or an accident, and should have the following characteristics:

• Flexibility, with a wide operating temperature range

• Reliability and power efficiency

• Have the ability to detect and correct errors.

Industry Pain Points

Facing the continuous increasing of labor costs, low work efficiency, and unstable supply channels, manufacturers began to seek automation and informationization processes. Therefore, the analysis and storage of program data is particularly important in the whole industrial automation enterprise. Big data has become one of the challenges for the success of the automation management system.

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Support RAID, encryption functions


Support S.M.A.R.T ECC and intelligent balance function; power loss protection


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