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Medical & Healthcare Introduction

Nowadays Medical Industry has developed so fast that healthcare storage applications used in demanding and challenging environments require exemplary performance, reliability, and product longevity. 

As technology continues to expand to disease prevention and treatment, the efficient safekeeping, access/retrieval and analysis of enormous amounts of data are equally becoming critical in enhancing overall quality of life. Individuals and organizations' handling patient information, medical records and health research data should be secure, protected and reliable. Choosing the right storage device that can meet the current as well as future requirements of the exacting health care industry is truly life-changing. 

Unique Challenges

Health care applications demand very high standards for safety and reliability. They have to meet patient privacy needs and rigid regulatory compliances. Technology in the medical field should be fast, accurate, reliable and interoperable with connected devices to improve the quality of patient care and avoid or minimize medical errors. 

Besides, health care applications require prompt access to and retrieval of patients' historical medical records so medical practitioners can provide the best treatment at the most opportune time, especially in critical moments when even milliseconds matter in saving a person's life.

Industry Pain Points

Facing the continuous increasing of labor costs, low work efficiency, and unstable supply channels, manufacturers began to seek automation and informationization processes. Therefore, the analysis and storage of program data is particularly important in the whole industrial automation enterprise. Big data has become one of the challenges for the success of the automation management system.

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