Gaming peripherals


Gaming Introduction

Gaming's primary concerns are confidentiality and data protection of game play data and programming patterns, and cannot be compromised.

Reliability is also a crucial point for gamers. Gaming machine focuses on high speed, low latency. With 24/7 long time operation, keeping stability and high-performance is one of the key challenges for the devices. 

Industry Pain Points

Facing the continuous increasing of labor costs, low work efficiency, and unstable supply channels, manufacturers began to seek automation and informationization processes. Therefore, the analysis and storage of program data is particularly important in the whole industrial automation enterprise. Big data has become one of the challenges for the success of the automation management system.

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Our Advantage


High performance/calculation speed and big capacities


Support RAID, encryption functions


Support S.M.A.R.T ECC and intelligent balance function; power loss protection


Compatible with most platforms and systems; customized solutions available


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