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Internet of Things

Challenges and Requirements

AIoT is less a new industry than it is the combination of pre-existing industries. Data has taken center place as the most important asset, highlighting the importance of memory and storage devices. Beyond storing data, companies will need to rethink how they integrate and analyze data to get the best return on their investment in IoT, while maximizing the benefits of smart storage. Both challenges and business opportunities present themselves. Ramsta is here to help you overcome the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities.

Data integrity is crucial

In order to facilitate constant improvement in the field of IoT, data must be gathered and analyzed to identify and correct any issues that arise. Apacer uses the latest in redundant protection technology to ensure that data integrity is as high as possible.

Strong enough to survive

IoT devices need to function smoothly even in challenging real-world conditions. Ramsta

’s storage solutions can be protected by a variety of advanced technologies to make them more resilient to shocks and vibration. Employing underfill technology makes our products that much tougher.

Industry Pain Points

Facing the continuous increasing of labor costs, low work efficiency, and unstable supply channels, manufacturers began to seek automation and informationization processes. Therefore, the analysis and storage of program data is particularly important in the whole industrial automation enterprise. Big data has become one of the challenges for the success of the automation management system.

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Our Advantage


High performance/calculation speed and big capacities


Support RAID, encryption functions


Support S.M.A.R.T ECC and intelligent balance function; power loss protection


Compatible with most platforms and systems; customized solutions available


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