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Financing System Introduction

Modernize FSI Record Storage and Accelerate Regulatory Compliance

Financial service industry (FSI) regulatory bodies are charged with 

protecting individuals, businesses and investors from fraud, theft and 

misconduct. Many regulations deal with unencrypted data, or preventing 

alteration or destruction of records, especially write once/read many 

(WORM) electronic records and financial data. Yet, even with good 

intentions, FSI enterprises can still encounter issues due to incorrect 

configurations, aging systems and degradation of storage media.

Legacy Infrastructure Creates Compliance 


FINRA, NCUA and others have fined firms for deficiencies in their storage

of e-records. Post-2008 financial crisis regulatory reforms have led to an 

upsurge in reporting requirements, often many at once that require fast 

responses and the aggregation of disparate, monolithic records. FSI 

legacy storage systems with hard disk drives (HDDs) and tape struggle 

with the speed, security, stability and availability that financial institutions 

increasingly require

TLC SSDs Enable Cost-Effective 

Modernization at Scale

Modernizing data storage is foundational for fast, scalable, efficient 

infrastructure and for reducing regulatory risks. Real-time monitoring, 

transaction-level random IO data storage, immediate availability for 

auditing and other requirements are more easily achieved with the 

enhanced speed and data integrity that solid state drives (SSDs) provide. 

Yet FSIs must weigh the costs of modernizing IT infrastructure against the 

costs of a slow infrastructure and possible compliance penalties.

Industry Pain Points

Facing the continuous increasing of labor costs, low work efficiency, and unstable supply channels, manufacturers began to seek automation and informationization processes. Therefore, the analysis and storage of program data is particularly important in the whole industrial automation enterprise. Big data has become one of the challenges for the success of the automation management system.

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