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Buy the second bullet - hard disk

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As we all know, the hard disk is one of the important parts in the computer to store data.

In general, we need to buy a hard drive to expand the storage capacity of the computer or replace a failed hard drive. However, with the increase of hard disk types and the continuous upgrading of technology, how to choose a good hard disk is becoming more and more difficult.


Hard disk is mainly divided into mechanical hard disk and solid state hard disk two types. It is also the preferred hardware for upgrading old computers, and compared with traditional mechanical hard disks, solid-state disks have a huge read and write speed advantage. Mechanical hard disk is a hard disk that uses mechanical movement to store data, and its advantages are low price and large capacity. Solid state drive is a hard disk using flash storage technology, which has the advantages of fast read and write speed and good shock resistance.

The following will describe how to choose a good solid state drive from the hard disk type, interface, capacity, speed and cache.


The advantages of SSDS are fast reading and writing speed, good shock resistance, low noise and low power consumption. When choosing an SSD, we need to consider the following aspects:

1. Interface type

SSD interface types include SATA, M.2, PCIe, etc. SATA interface is the most common interface, suitable for general home or office scenarios; The M.2 interface is suitable for high-performance desktop or gaming computers; PCIe ports are applicable to high-end servers or workstations. When selecting an interface type, you need to select it based on your usage scenario.


2: Capacity

Solid-state drives usually have a smaller capacity than mechanical hard drives, but are more expensive. In general, choosing a 128GB, 256GB, or 512GB SSD is sufficient. If you need to store a lot of high-definition video or photos and other large files, choose a 1TB or larger capacity SSD may be more suitable.

3. Read and write speed

The read and write speed of SSDS is one of their biggest advantages. The size of the read and write speed depends on the controller of the SSD and the quality of the flash memory particles. Generally speaking, the faster the reading and writing speed, the higher the price. When choosing a solid-state drive, you need to determine the read and write speed according to your needs.  

The interface type of a hard disk is an important aspect to pay attention to when selecting a hard disk. Common interface types on the market include SATA, M.2, and PCIe. Below we will introduce the characteristics of the various interface types:

1.SATA Interface

The SATA interface is the most common type of interface and supports a maximum data transfer speed of 6Gbps. The SATA interface has the advantages of good stability, strong compatibility, and low price, and is suitable for most home or office scenarios. However, the data transmission speed of the SATA interface is relatively slow, which is not suitable for high-performance scenarios.  


2.M.2 Interface

M.2 interface is one of the most popular high-performance interfaces at present, and the maximum data transmission speed can reach 32Gbps. The M.2 interface has the advantages of small size, fast read/write speed, and good heat dissipation, and is suitable for high-performance computers or game computers.


3.PCle interface

The PCIe interface is a high-speed data transmission interface that supports a maximum data transmission speed of 64Gbps. The PCIe interface provides high read/write speed and is suitable for high-performance servers or workstations. However, the price of PCIe ports is relatively high and is generally suitable for high-end users or enterprise users.


When choosing a hard drive, we need to consider factors such as the type of hard drive, interface, brand and price. For mechanical hard disks, you need to consider the speed and cache size; For SSDS, factors such as flash type, read and write speed, and lifetime need to be considered. When selecting an interface, you need to select a SATA or PCIe interface based on your requirements.

When choosing a brand, you need to consider the stability and price of the brand. The RAMSTA SSD series focuses on performance and affordability, which can meet the purchase needs of the vast majority of customers. If you pursue high cost performance and have requirements for product quality, Ruise deserves to be your first choice.


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