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RAMSTA Appeared in 2023 Hong Kong Autumn Consumer Electronics Show, Popularity Exploded!

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From October 11, 2023 to October 14, 2023 Hong Kong Autumn Consumer Electronics Show was successfully held in Hong Kong AsiaWorld-Expo. The four-day exhibition attracts many companies, bringing together the top brands, innovative technologies and products from the global consumer electronics industry.

RAMSTA, as a professional storage product development, manufacturing and sales integration service provider, brought a variety of hot products including solid state hard drives, memory, USB flash drives and Micro SD cards to the exhibition, to show customers from all over the world RAMSTA brand strength.

Grand Exhibition

During the exhibition, with the high quality of RAMSTA products and excellent brand influence, RA booth customers were overwhelmed.

This exhibition RAMSTA has won the recognition and trust of many exhibitors with high-quality products and professional services.

List of Exhibits

At this exhibition, RAMSTA displayed a series of storage products, including solid state drives, memory, USB flash drives and Micro SD cards, as well as RAMSTA's unique IP design and superb manufacturing process, attracting the attention of customers from all over the world.

The successful conclusion of each exhibition is inseparable from the support of customers and friends, thank you for your trust and support over the years!

RAMSTA will, as always, adhere to the customer-centric concept, continue to provide customers with better and more professional products and services, and create more value for customers. At the same time, RAMSTA will continue to participate in more exhibitions, through face-to-face exchanges with customers, constantly improve products and services, and constantly improve their own strength and market competitiveness, to bring more surprises and gains for customers.

Thermal Product Recommendation

2.5'SATA III SSD S800 features original flash memory particles, six-weight safety protection, hardware ECC error correction mechanism, independent power protection monitoring IC, dynamic heat dissipation protection, ensuring SSD high-speed reading at the same time, but also ensure read data stability, speed and stability coexist.

Wolverine RGB gaming memory, dazzling RGB light effect, automatic cool scanning light effect, with a double-layer cooling design shell, support Intel XMP automatic overclocking technology, 3000MHz main frequency, extraordinary speed.

Marine & Esotirica RGB gaming memory, with a tough appearance and strong performance, using a new generation of high-performance DDR4 structure, not only has a strong memory overclocking ability, but also with the support of XMP2.0 technology, the memory can improve work efficiency, but also allow professional players to speed up the pace of clearance in the game world, upgrade the operating experience.


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