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Storage school, do these steps, hard drive can live longer

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The important function of the well-known hard disk is the storage of data, followed by the speed of reading and writing, the ability to read the stored data, and the fast writing of data is carried out in the case of data security on the hard disk, so whether the hard disk is in good condition becomes a top priority. Whether it is a mechanical hard disk or a solid state hard disk, as long as it is properly stored, it will be able to serve you for a long time. Do the following steps to make our hard disk long-lived.


Don't like the hard drive

   Even though the hard disk has been protected, the slight vibration does not cause damage when the hard disk is read or written. However, if it is shaken a lot, it will damage the internal hardware of the hard disk and cause damage. Therefore, it can be used with a rubber pad when the computer is installed. The shock-absorbing screws are fixed to reduce the vibration of the hard disk, thereby reducing the occurrence of malfunctions.


Do not copy and paste in bulk

   As a long-term work for many years, there may be backups to organize the data, and most people are accustomed to copying and pasting all the data directly, and the transmission time may reach three or four hours or even a whole day. And this is one of the killers of the hard drive. Frequent and long-term reading and writing will make the hard disk always in a high-load working state. It is difficult to bear both mechanical and solid-state hard disks. Therefore, it is recommended to reduce frequent reading and writing. If you want to back up data in large quantities, please divide, batch, and divide. Make a copy backup.


Pay attention to dust and cool down

   Whether it is a mechanical hard disk or a solid state hard disk, the process of operation is accompanied by high temperature. Therefore, the chassis is cleaned regularly, the dust accumulated for a long time is cleaned, and the air duct of the chassis is checked, which not only ensures the heat dissipation requirement of the hard disk, but also guarantees The operation of other hard disks, at the same time, when the computer is working for a long time, it needs to be shut down to allow the computer to have enough rest time, so as not to cause damage due to long-term overheating.


Most likely to suddenly power off

   Sudden power failure has direct impact damage to the hard disk. Failure to shut down according to the normal process or forced shutdown not only affects the storage of the hard disk data, but also directly causes the direct damage of the hard disk. The solid state hard disk is more afraid of sudden power failure than the mechanical hard disk, so please Beware of power failure, or to power off and shut down in order to save time, please shut down according to the normal procedure.


If everyone's hard disk is only used for storing data and it is not used for a long time, it is recommended to run it for half an hour or so in half a year to ensure that the electronic components in the hard disk are normal, avoiding damage caused by long-term uselessness, and thus losing important data.

Do a good job of hard disk protection measures, in order to let the hard drive that has been with you for a long time to prolong life, Rui Shi International as the original national brand of China storage, has the responsibility to protect the solid state drive with the majority of users, of course, Rui Shi International provides three-year warranty for the users of the Swiss SSD After-sales service, to provide quality after-sales service for the majority of users.

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