• In 2010, Rui Shi International established a global trading organization in Hong Kong. In the following year, it established a research and development center in Taiwan. It is one of the world's leading semiconductor equipment manufacturers and has a leading position in many markets. In early 2016, in order to rapidly develop the entire mainland China market, Shenzhen Ruishi Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Rui Shi”) was established in Shenzhen, China. In July 2016, Rui Shi established a manufacturing base in Shenzhen and a marketing center in Greater China.

    As a professional storage product R&D, manufacturing and sales integration service provider, Ruishi currently has a place in the SSD solid state drive, DARM module memory, TF flash card and other series of storage products, especially in the DARM module market. The company's R&D personnel experience has more than 10 years of experience.

    The Swiss brand not only focuses on the storage market, but also focuses on resource integration. In the later stage, the market-oriented, Ruishi brand will extend the IT-related products market. Diversify brand operations. The value of “Rui Shi Brand, Confidence Guarantee” is reflected in all aspects.

    'Integrity focus, growth and win-win' is the business philosophy of Ruishi! 'Integrity Focus' enables Ruishi to establish professional professionalism and good reputation in the industry. 'Growing and Winning' We actively establish cooperation with suppliers and customers. Win the partnership. Rui Shi provides customers with more professional and valuable solutions

  • Corporate culture is the soul of an enterprise and has become a decisive factor for a company's long-term survival and stable development. In the new era of knowledge economy, whoever has cultural advantages will have a competitive advantage, a benefit advantage and a development advantage.



  • The development is based on people-oriented, through the absorption, cultivation, use and achievement of talents to form a good talent operation mechanism, the company and employees equal exchanges, results sharing, provide employees with a broad space for display, while the company gathers a large number of outstanding talents, so that the company maintains Stable, high-speed development.

    Shenzhen Ruishi Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. is currently the company that implements business development, administrative management, and business negotiation system management. It is the first enterprise in South China to implement systematic and systematic management. With the continuous development of the industry, Shenzhen Ruishi Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. is a wind vane enterprise in the domestic industry.

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